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Father and daughter using an app on a smartphone
April 15, 2024

Safety Recommendations Whenever You Have Teens Home Alone In Salem

You would like your teens to be able to stay home alone. Essentially, they should learn to rely on themselves, and you would enjoy a break every once in a while. Yet, like the majority of parents, you stress about keeping them secure. Thankfully, there are preventative actions you can use to alleviate your concerns whenever you have teens home alone in Salem. Learn how your home’s security system could help.

Make The Most Of Your Home Security Cell Phone App

Your teenager may not remember to do assignments like math homework or taking out the trash, but in all likelihood they’ll keep track of their cell phone. Make use of this by loading your home security system’s app on it. You can add users quickly, and you can even choose what you would like your child to access.

If they have the app, your teen can benefit from the following:

  • Arm your security in stay mode. Most systems usually have “Arm Stay,” which activates devices like window and door sensors but steers clear of interior areas.
  • See who’s standing outside through the doorbell camera. Your teenager may also check live feeds from any other incorporated camera.
  • Control smart locks from anywhere in the house.
  • Receive notifications if a sensor is triggered.

Connecting your teen to a cell phone security app is a terrific way to help protect them when they’re home alone.

Your Salem Security System Can Tell You Who’s Entered

Parents always like to know their kids are safe, and your Salem security system can help with this. To illustrate, you may set custom smart lock codes for all loved ones. Whenever the code is used, you’ll get a smartphone update your teen has arrived. You might also program a custom automation if you want visual verification that they’re by themselves. You can have an indoor camera start up any time the the door’s smart code is entered. You may then investigate the video stream from your phone.

Yet another way to confirm your teen’s whereabouts is through the use of location tracking with a mobile app. Every member of the family may join a group and see each other’s locations. Keep in mind, there can be slight errors in establishing locations, and some may find this too intrusive.

Adhere To These Additional Recommendations When Teens Are Home Alone In Salem

Even when using your home security system to help protect teens who are home alone in Salem, it’s still critical to incorporate other safety measures. Here are a few things you ought to do:

  • Check all smoke and CO detectors to confirm they are working.
  • Make sure they know to contact 911 for emergencies.
  • Verify they realize what to do if a person is choking.
  • Instruct them to avoid telling anyone on the phone or via social media they are home by themselves.
  • Provide phone numbers for neighbors or other relatives.
  • Show your teenager the location of flashlights.

You will probably have additional rules contingent on your teen’s age. For example, you may not want your 13-year-old to turn on the oven but may trust an older teen to do so.

Help Keep Your Teens Defended With A Modern Security System From Secure24 Alarm Systems

An advanced home security system in Salem from Secure24 Alarm Systems has the capabilities you require to help keep your teenagers and family safe. You’ll appreciate having access to smart locks, indoor and exterior surveillance cameras, smart doorbell cameras, and an easy-to-use home security app. Dial (503) 300-4371 today to start customizing your home’s security.